Brand History


Ngaitin enterprise "Chelsea" Introduction

"Chelsea" means the fragrant coast in Chinese, but also translated into "切尔西" name for the English Channel on a beautiful island,the flowers open every season, full of flowers on the island. This became the "Chelsea", the name comes from.
Whether it is "Chelsea" or 切尔西 or "fragrant Coast", the name in the world today has been widely familiar, with its brand name skin care, businesses, academic institutions and sports clubs are very famous in the world , "Chelsea" as the representative of one hundred years, "Chelsea" is an international name!

In ten years ago, Macau Ngaitin enterprise Group successfully introduced "Chelsea" into Asia market, and use the international brand name legally in mainland of China. Since then, from the French top aromatherapy technology products, "Chelsea" officially entered the Chinese market, the product used France natural materials, from raw materials to the production process, the value of monitoring completed by international standards.

Whether compound massage oil, or various creams, aromatherapy personal care products, "Chelsea" responds to all the customers with the actual standard aromatherapy to produce products and get the European Society of aromatherapy Certificate.

"Chelsea" is the conviction that most true, most pure, is the best idea, we do not need flowery language or speaking in abstract terms the story of the article to tout themselves, as long as you used it once, we are confident that you will use second time.

"Chelsea" products include: essential oils, compound essential oils, skin care series and so on. All products with natural plant oils as the core component characteristics, by those who love the natural products and aromatherapy therapist's favorite.Taking the most true, most pure and the best products to the world, is "Chelsea" mission.